The Camsa Clip is a simple and innovative tool that helps users pull cards out of their wallets while also functioning as a card organizer and accessory. Shaped like a small guitar pick the Camsa Clip adheres flush to the edge of any card in your wallet with a peel and stick adhesive backing. Credit cards, drivers’ licenses, reward and gift cards can all be easily accessed with the help of the Camsa Clip.

The Camsa Clips are manufactured in the USA from eco-friendly materials and feature inspirational affirmations and fashionable colors, such as “I am love”, “fearless”, “gorgeous inside”, and more to infuse their users with positive feelings. This creative idea came to Jennifer when she linked her invention with her lifelong practice of posting affirmations.

“The Camsa Clip is more than just a tool; it is a lifestyle and a movement,” says Jennifer. “There is a sense of community and love every time the Camsa Clip is used.”

Positive Thoughts and Card Access at your Fingertips

  • Innovative tool
  • Made in the USA with love and eco-friendly materials
  • Fits your lifestyle
  • Inspires and uplifts you
  • Organizes your wallet
  • Simplifies shopping
  • Comes in trendy colors
  • Kickstarter Backers: You can help Camsa Team with affirmations!